commoning the media



digital media evolution

  • global village radio network: building up awareness and sense of togetherness, not by mass communication but by person to person interaction, promoting collaborative creativity and multicultural richness
  • p2p, de-centralized power, co-operative, open source platforms and commons culture
  • archive, recycle and remix (truth&art) culture instead of disposable ”fast food” (news&entertainment) culture
  • introducing deep humanism & systems change: talks, interviews, provocations, forum
  • develop alternative social media tools for personal (individual) and non-personal needs
  • link to analog: local radio transmitters to electrify the global neighborhoods


  • how to kick our psychological depency (compulsion and addiction) on the many products of the current consumer-capitalistic system: corporation-owned social media and virtual (superficial) communities, corporation-owned media, audiovisual entertainment, smart-technology, etc.



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