Music Compositions

Step into the heartbeat of my creative world—Music Compositions. Here, I navigate the spectrum from crafting on-the-fly melodies that breathe life into video productions to the intricate and immersive compositions that fuel the soul of my bands. Every piece is an organic journey, a fusion of spontaneity and meticulous craftsmanship. Join me on this musical odyssey, where time is both a fleeting moment and an expansive canvas.

On -Demand Video Production Music

Explore a collection of music crafted on demand for video productions. These compositions are born from the immediacy of the creative process, offering a dynamic and responsive soundtrack to visual narratives.

Reform 75/100 – documentation of an art project by Bernadette Wolbring, produced by M-Cult 2017
Martial Law – documentation of an art project by Anastasia Artemeva, produced by M-Cult 2017
MyFutures.Trade – documentation of an art project by eeefff, produced by M-Cult 2017

Compositions for Bands

Immerse yourself in the deeper currents of my musical expression through serious compositions for my various bands. These pieces are the result of an intricate, often time-intensive, creative journey, reflecting a blend of passion and precision.

Klava – Tuulille (2019)
Kulkijat – live (2023) Music composed to the poems of Aaro Hellaakoski.

Compositions for Art Pieces & Cinema

Maan muisti – Main theme for an art project by Sisko Pajari, 2018.