Podcast and Radio Production


Puistoradio was a temporary local radio station in Maunula Helsinki weaving together stories and soundscapes from Central Park Helsinki. Produced by M-Cult (2022).

Korppiradio grassroots art radio

Korppiradio (Raven Radio) was born in 2013 in Helsinki out of a need to establish an autonomous alternative medium for open and deep communication, non-commercial music without borders and experimental radio art. The founding community that gathered around the project was quite a motivated crew of around 10-15 activists, artists, musicians, producers and others, who together set the general principles for the station: (1) social space: questioning our estranged state of being in modern society; creating an open space for communication and community; excercise self-criticism and fearlessness; (2) money: no one owns Korppiradio and it is not a product; we don’t sell adverts or airtime; any running costs we can cover by support gigs or crowdfunding. (3) power: major decisions will be made by the horizontal, open collective of the makers. (4) content: every maker will work autonomously without cencorship or pressure by anyone.

A Podcast series ”Yksi on Maa” produced for Four Winds association (2019). Sound design and editing by Kalle Kuisma.
Cultural audio content produced for Korppiradio by Kalle Kuisma.
A composition of poetry, soundscapes and music (2013) by Kalle Kuisma.