Video Production

Dive into the audiovisual realm of my journey—Video Production. With a video camera in hand since 1990 and a passion for composing stories with sound, vision and rhythm, I’ve carved a path through the evolving landscape of videography and editing. From documenting underground concerts and art events to the bustling world of freelancing, where music videos and promotional content come to life, and to my pivotal role at Media Culture Association M-Cult, where I’ve documented the creative work of resident media artists. Join me on this visual expedition, where every frame tells a tale, and every edit is a brushstroke on the canvas of storytelling.

M2HZ Open Television (M-Cult 2008-2015)

Explore my journey as the program manager at Media Culture Association M-Cult from 2008 to 2015. Discover the content development and production for Open Urban Television M2HZ, a pivotal chapter where my skills as a storyteller and program curator converged.

Dead Poets’ Club (Nuoren Voiman Liitto 2008-2010) Music and video composed by Kalle Kuisma.
Helsinki By Night (Reality Research Center 2011) video composed by Kalle Kuisma
Lähikuvassa Erkki Pirtola 1-5 (2013) Video composed by Kalle Kuisma.
VadelmaGaala (2014) video composed by Kalle Kuisma
M2HZ Media Artist of The Month (2008-2014) – Video production, shooting & editing by Kalle Kuisma
Media Artists of the Month (2014) Video composed by Kalle Kuisma
Kotimaan Teknokatsaus vol 3 (2011) video composed by Kalle Kuisma
KTK vol 4 (2012) Video composed by Kalle Kuisma

M-Cult Resident Artist Documentaries (2015-)

Delve into my recent endeavors documenting the work of M-Cult resident artists. Witness the fusion of music composition and visual storytelling as I capture the essence of their creative processes.

Plant Futures (2023), video and music composed by Kalle Kuisma
Laulu lyijylle (2021), video composed by Kalle Kuisma
RYBN The Great Offshore (2021) video composed by Kalle Kuisma
Playing Care (2022) music and video composed by Kalle Kuisma

Music Videos

Embark on a visual journey through my freelance career, where I’ve crafted music videos, promotional content, and showreels. Each project is a testament to the versatility and creativity embedded in my videography and editing skills.

Klava – Tuulille (2023) video and music composed and produced by Kalle Kuisma
Aalto – Metsätaloushöömei (2014) video composed by Kalle Kuisma