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I have been playing actively in several rock bands since 1987. My main instruments are (electric and acoustic) guitar and vocals, and sometimes percussion, keyboards and baglama. I write music and lyrics (in Finnish and in English) and produce most of the stuff with my band mates. My bands are collective organic projects with no commercial aspiration, therefore the slow process of the music coming out to reach a listener may seem like an eternity to a contemporary observer. But I take band music seriously: we make earthly (soulful) music to keep a fire alive and to make the wind blow and the water flow. When you really get into it, music can be live magic with power to transcend.

Current bands:

Klava was founded in the autumn of 2004 and is currently actively rehearsing, making music and looking for gigs. Our music is progressive, rootsy, poppy, folky, shamanistic, poetic, frail, visual, dynamic, free, deep rock music with Finnish lyrics.
The first Klava album "Polku" ("Path") was recorded mostly back in 2010 but was shortly after put to ice for some years (when our bassist and recording engineer quit the band), now the double-LP is quite nearly finished and will be released in the Autumn of 2017 if all goes well. The new line up (Klava Mk IV) include original members myself (guitar and vocals) and Henri Tuomi (drums) with Pekko Sams (bass), Ringa Koskinen (mouth harp, singing, long flute) and Susanna Salama (saxophone).

Relayer is a band of friends and a personal journey which first came together in 1993 to play honest semi-acoustic, organic progressive rock with epic lyrics and many-colored compositions. Relayer disbanded at the turn of the Millenium and came together
again in 2014 to play one gig, but haven't been active since. Relayer released some demo cassettes back in the 1990's but we have not made an album yet, although there is enough material for three independent albums.

And there is also Pink Projector, our humble Pink Floyd cover band which may get together occasionally to return to the depths of the music of the band that we love. Our first performances were in 1998 and our latest in 2007.